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Drive to Cape Pogue Lighthouse


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This morning we took a guided tour out onto the Cape Pogue Wild Life Refuge. The refuge is managed by the “Trustees of the Reservation.”  Mary was our driver over the dunes, and out tour guide.  We had a wonderful time, and these pictures don’t do the place justice.

Paines Prairie State Preserve

During our recent spring break trip to Florida we made a quick morning trip to a state park on the outskirts of Gainesville.  The Paines Prairie State Preserve is a facinating place.  It is a flat prarie with areas of swamp and sink holes.  It is home to a large variety of wild life, including dozens of species of birds, alligators, and even bison!  The kids loved it!

Sam Noble Museum with Kids and M8

I took Friday off and we made a quick trip down to Norman.  I had never been to the Sam Noble Natural History Museum.  The kids have all been several times, as had Robbie, but for some reason or other I’ve never made it.  It also gave me a great chance to try out my new Leica M8!  Here are a few of the shots from the museum and from The Mont, where we had lunch.  Some minor editing, all done in Adobe Lightroom.

San Francisco Sailboat

I took this from the Golden Gate Bridge during a trip to San Francisco in 2002.  The light was fairly flat, but the contrast of the water and sailboat make up for the fairly flat rendering of the city in the background.  I took this with an Olympus E-10, which was my first real digital camera.  It was quite the tool for the time.  The image was cropped and converted into B&W.  Contrast adjusted using “Curves” in photoshop.  Being quite early in my experience in using digital images, I saved this as a JPEG, and I can’t seem to find the original; shame as I’d like another go of it!