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Shimano Di2

OK, I’ve done some digging on the internet, and have found this video on youtube of the Shimano Di2 in action at a cycling trade show.  I admit it looks very impressive.  The front derailer is a dream!  Being able to shift chainrings without breaking cadence is a huge advantage.  I also like the fact the front derailer trims to prevent chain rub!

I still wonder about durability especially under trying conditions.  Home repairs would also seem to be out!

Cycling Enters the Electronic Age

I just ran across this article on nytimes.com – “Cycling Enters Electronic Age.” I’ve always wondered when either Shimano or Campagnolo would forge into  electronically controlled shifting systems.  Mavic has had one for several years, which hasn’t seemed to catch on.  With Shimano pushing this I suspect we will see the electronic shifters make inroads into certain very specialized situations, such as time trials or triathlons.  I don’t, however, see it becoming standard on mainstream bicycles for average recreational or fitness riders.  I see only limited benefit, and significant increased cost.  And the killer for me would be the need to make sure the battery is charged!  Nothing would be more frustrating that going to jump on the bike, only to find out you forgot to put the battery on the charger the last time you rode, or making it to your group ride only to remember as you’re pulling your bike off the car that the battery is in the charger at home!  I also wonder about maintenance.  For pros, who use new gear every year (or every race!), there may be lower maintenance, but for your average recreational rider who keeps a bike for several years, I can see a downside.  Most of us cyclists know how to adjust and make minor repairs to our derailers, but the electronic derailer would prevent that for most of us.