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OpenVPN Setup

I have decided that I need to set up a vpn for our home network.  We now have four persons in the family with computers who often use them away from home.  I have decided that a home vpn will facilitate use of shared resources (media, photos, etc), as well as let me administer the network from home.  Our network now consists of 3 Mac OS X laptops, 1 linux fileserver, 2 AppleTV’s, 1 iMac desktop.  The wireless is a WDS network using an Apple AirPort Extreme as a base station, 2 airport expresses as remote WDS repeaters.  This works remarkable well, so I am diving into putting together a vpn based on OpenVPN.  I am detaling my efforts on configuration on a static page that can be found here.  This is more for me than for any public consumption!