Bathroom Renovation

We have just begun a renovation of the boys bathroom in our 109 year old house.  It’s not clear to me when all of the previous renovations were done, but as the demolition proceeds you can see the layers of renovation.


Here you can see the framing of an old door with newer wood to close it off.  The other side of the door now would go into my closet.  You can also see the fuse box for the old knob and tube wiring (not still used thank goodness).










And here is the bath and toilet/vanity areas:


I’ll post more pics as the renovation continues.

OpenVPN Setup

I have decided that I need to set up a vpn for our home network.  We now have four persons in the family with computers who often use them away from home.  I have decided that a home vpn will facilitate use of shared resources (media, photos, etc), as well as let me administer the network from home.  Our network now consists of 3 Mac OS X laptops, 1 linux fileserver, 2 AppleTV’s, 1 iMac desktop.  The wireless is a WDS network using an Apple AirPort Extreme as a base station, 2 airport expresses as remote WDS repeaters.  This works remarkable well, so I am diving into putting together a vpn based on OpenVPN.  I am detaling my efforts on configuration on a static page that can be found here.  This is more for me than for any public consumption!