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Bathroom Renovation

We have just begun a renovation of the boys bathroom in our 109 year old house.  It’s not clear to me when all of the previous renovations were done, but as the demolition proceeds you can see the layers of renovation.


Here you can see the framing of an old door with newer wood to close it off.  The other side of the door now would go into my closet.  You can also see the fuse box for the old knob and tube wiring (not still used thank goodness).










And here is the bath and toilet/vanity areas:


I’ll post more pics as the renovation continues.

Paines Prairie State Preserve

During our recent spring break trip to Florida we made a quick morning trip to a state park on the outskirts of Gainesville.  The Paines Prairie State Preserve is a facinating place.  It is a flat prarie with areas of swamp and sink holes.  It is home to a large variety of wild life, including dozens of species of birds, alligators, and even bison!  The kids loved it!

Patio Repair

We finally got around to getting the huge hole in our brick patio repaired!  We lost an enourmous elm tree in a storm last fall.  We’re lucky that the tree fell away from the house.  This left a huge ugly hole in the patio.  We debated on how to deal with it; a new tree, or repair.  We finally decided on a repair, this would help with the uneven areas of the patio from the years of growth of the now dead tree!  The job was (as is usual with our house) much more difficult than expected!  Martin and his crew worked extrememly hard, but you can’t argue with the final result.

Storm Clouds over Wheeler

I took this image in 2003 with a 6×7 medium format camera and a 90mm lens on B&W film (can’t remeber brand off the top of my head).  This was taken from the deck of the Moutain House, a ski chalet in Taos Ski Valley.  I think it was in July, and the afternoon monsoon rains were forming over the ridge leading to Wheeler Peak.  The late afternoon sun lit up the clouds; the scene changed minute to minute.  This is the best of the 2 rolls of film I took that afternoon.