WTF are these people thinking!

Living and working in one of the reddest of the red states, I’m used to having to listen to people who have what I consider narrow world views, and odd voting habits (i.e. voting against their clear economic and personal best interests to save babies or marriage from sure destruction).  This insanity has reached proportions that I could only dream of with the nomination of Barak Obama.  I work in a major medical facility and spend a significant portion of my week killing time between cases in the surgeon’s lounge.  I usually try to ignore the TV as the only news network the hospital has on its a la carte cable package is FOX (a story for another time).  Since the Democratic and Republican conventions the conversations have been leaning political in the lounge.  I’m widely known around the hospital as one of the two or three docs who are left leaning, and I’ve already hit my head against the right wing wall until it is sore, so I don’t jump into political discussions anymore.  Being a fly on the wall is actually more interesting.  You hear the oddest things when you just sit and listen, especially if you are on the computer and act like you aren’t paying attention.  I therefore would like to present the top 5 statements I have heard that make me think “WTF are the people thinking!”

  1. Barak Obama is a Muslim.
  2. Barak Obama plan for expanding government sponsored community service actually is a disguised plan to put together a Muslim army and take over the country.
  3. Barak Obama is the Anti-Christ.
  4. Barak Obama plans to eliminate all private insurance carriers and completely socialize medicine.
  5. Any woman who criticizes Palin is a hypocrite.

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