Sarah Palin, oh what to think

I have been at a bit of a loss about what to think or say about the choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican’s VP nominee.  The tsunami of press coverage has covered the internet neck deep in stories, rumors, and flat craziness!  She has not been made available for media interviews as of yet, and our impressions of her were distilled from news reports and the McCain and Obama spin machines burning their midnight oil.  Her speech last night was clearly a success.  It was a very controlled introduction of her to America.  She was articulate, attractive, and delivered the attacks on Obama that the VP candidate is supposed to do fairly convincingly.  I thought Hilliary Rosen put it well on (Commentary: Sarah Palin, right and wrong –

In her acceptance speech, we saw a woman who was compelling, charming and aggressively partisan. She succeeded in demonstrating that she is a regular mom who came to government to make a difference.

She is the rock star for the far right that the Republicans needed.  But I am convinced that she is not the VP the country needs.  in the same piece Rosen succinctly puts it:

So why then do I think that Sarah Palin would be a terrible vice president? Because I also think that John McCain would be a terrible president.

We don’t need more partisan politcs, and Sarah Palin is more like Bush than McCain in this regard.  By choosing Palin, McCain has clearly stated that he has abandoned the stands that made him one of the only republicans I would consider voting for, and has lined up like a good little soldier in the partisan culture wars that enable the neo-conservative movment to establish and retain power.  The irony is that despite the calls of “protecting the unborn” and “preserving marriage,” the true agenda is one of wealth concentration and endless conflicts to protect economic interests that benefit the very most fortunate.

When will middle class American’s begin to see through this nonsense.

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